Thursday, May 12, 2005

This is total bullshit… the evil witch has changed up everything and taken away my choice to accept pay instead of comp time for all my overtime this year. She sent this email last night after I left:

I have reviewed your time sheets and you will see in the next pay period (tomorrow) 36.5 hours of overtime added to your paycheck. According to the list you gave me, when I ran a tape, it came out to 39 not 35.5. However, overtime is calculated on a weekly basis, not daily, therefore the correct amount is 36.5 (also, please note that when there is a vacation or holiday pay in a given week, overtime is only accrued for the hours worked and does not include the 8 hours of holiday or vacation pay).

In the future, please be advised that overtime is only on an ‘as needed and approved’ basis. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

*Please note that she obviously didn't realize that some of the numbers were in red and negatived because those were hours taken away from overtime but whatever

Her email sounded totally pissy and I was mad about it. Then I talked to my co-worker who got a similiar email and she was mad about it too cause her tone in the email was curt and harsh. I probably shouldn't have done this but I did… I replied to her email and cc’d the boss man. My email said:

In the note I gave you on my list of overtime hours, I stated that I would “probably” take the overtime pay instead of the comp time. However, I was very clear that I did intend to use some as comp time. I had already spoken with the boss man about all of this and he had said it was okay or “approved” for me to take either comp time OR pay, whichever I preferred. As far as I was concerned, you asked if I would take pay over comp time and I agreed to consider it. I was planning on compromising and taking one or two days worth of comp time. In the future, I would appreciate if you would speak to me about these matters that effect my pay and comp time before taking action. For now, please change it so that I may take @ least 8 hours of comp time which I can use as I discussed with the boss man to take in July and August in addition to the 5 days vacation I have left to take one day a week off for the beach.

Also, as far as overtime and lunch are concerned, I do not wish to take a lunch every single day and I am always willing to stay and work as late as necessary.

I know I shouldn’t have but I did. Then I tried to access one of the folders on our server and it said “permission denied” so I asked her what the deal was and she said she made that folder so that only she and the boss man could read it. That I had no business going in there. I explained that I was cleaning up the server and had just moved a bunch of files into there and now I couldn’t access it.

Anyway, then she asked to talk to me in the conference room and I can’t say it went well. She was going on and on about my email and how she thought she made it clear that she had made the decision on my overtime and that it was not up to me and how she she’ll give me the extra two days off if I want it but that she just wanted to start over and blah blah blah. Then she brought up the folder access, not me mind you, and the fact that I don’t do bank deposits anymore and said that I shouldn’t feel any less valuable because I don’t do those things anymore. I explained to her that I had always had that sort of responsibility since I came here and now I feel like I’m not trusted with this information anymore. She tried to give me all this shit about how she just thinks it should be her job and it has nothing to do with someone in my “role”. SO I said “What do you mean by my role?” and she said “administrative assistant” and I said “Well when I came here, I didn’t have a “role” or a “title”. I just helped everyone out and said “assistant”. Now I’m being categorized as just an administrative assistant” I wanted to say what about executive assistant? because I assist the president of a company but it wasn’t the right time.

She was talking about how I legally have to take lunch and no matter what I have to take it. She kept saying it’s a buffer for when I do work overtime and that won’t be happening anymore. She said “in some institutions and corporations you can take lunch from 12-1 or 1-2 and if you don’t take it… you don’t get it” and I said “well I wouldn’t work for a place like that”.

It was all such bullshit. I am so sick of her. I so don’t belong here anymore.

Now she's out to lunch for an hour and 45 minutes. She said that I can use my lunch to "read a paper, surf the web, or blog"... well I'm gonna use it to blog and bitch about her!


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