Thursday, May 05, 2005

So, I’ve been back @ work since Monday. Things are still crazy here.

As soon as I got back from my vacation, the evil witch wanted to sit down and talk to me about my comp time. You see in the past, I’ve been able to work overtime and take pay or comp time for it. Now she says no more overtime and she wants to pay me time and a half for the 35 hours overtime I’ve worked since January instead of letting me take the hours as 5 days off in the summer for the beach. I already got the OK from the boss man to do that so pretty much the evil witch is dangling this offer in my face. I mean, do I take the grand and run or do I push for my days off.

1. Take a grand and still have 5 days off + 3 personal days
2. Take 10 days off + 3 personal days

No idea what to do.

Also now she's making me take a half and hour lunch every day even if I don’t want to so I really am only working an 7 ½ hour day. Strange. I think she wants me to stick around until 4:30pm but that’s not happening… I want to leave @ 4pm. I like it that way.

Today she was an hour late for work and she just took a two hour lunch… 12:30pm-2:30pm. Is that insanity or what? It’s cause the boss man is in meetings all day today. We did dead her today on the lunch though cause there's only 3 others in the office today and we all were IMing each other about getting mexican for lunch cause it's cinco de mayo and going early and then @ 11:30am we all got up and announced we were going to lunch and walked out leaving her here alone.


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