Thursday, April 14, 2005

Wow, I am so pissed right now.

We had a meeting today and though it wasn’t a huge important meeting, we were running behind. The witch totally didn’t help in any way.

I was busy making coffee and setting up the conference room when the coffee machine broke and spilled everywhere. I cleaned it up as fast as I could because then the boss was asking to help him put the agenda and budget packet together. I had to find and print all the original files and put them all together. We were running so late that even my boss was helping me. What do you think the witch does? Help? No of course not. She leaves. Yup, right in the middle of insanity… she goes to lunch for an hour!

Who does that?

She thinks she has no responsibility when it comes to meetings? That’s not how this office works. If there is a meeting happening and we need to get shit together, everyone pitches in. I have never done it all by myself… ever. She totally left me out to dry. Probably hoping I’d crack.

Well, I even went out and got everyone lunch and I got a smoothie and everything ended up just fine… no thanks to her. She is so not a team player and this office isn’t big enough for someone like that.

Then after everything is finally settled, she comes waltzing in and heads for the sink. She like “Oh I’m sorry to do this but it seems someone spilled coffee grinds. Can you clean that up before you go.” I was thinking you fucking saw me cleaning that up when it happened and you didn’t help me but now I’m the fucking maid? but instead all I said was “Yeah, the coffee maker broke. I guess I missed some of the grinds. I’m ordering another right now. Maybe I’ll get to it after I get out this stuff for our client”.

I’m going nuts people! Nuts.


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