Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Today I was late and it was so dumb for me to be late but I was and I couldn’t help it. Anyway, last week I was sick and I had called the evil witch and left a message that I was going to be out sick. The reason I called her and not M (who gets in before the evil witch and who I thought should be called) is because the evil one specifically said “Don’t call M, call me”. But when Miss Evil herself doesn’t get in until 8:30am, the boss had already spent a half an hour freakin out that I wasn’t here and M had no idea when I’d be in so she kept stalling.

I knew that M had a meeting this morning so I did call the evil witch and left her a message saying that I was late and I’d be in between 8 and 8:30... even though I would get there before her. Like that makes any sense!

Now, I have been working and going nuts trying to schedule and reschedule a bunch of meetings all morning. The evilness that sits to my left keeps saying “What are you doing now?” and “If you’re not busy, why don’t you clean ur desk”. Fucking bitch! I swear, my desk usually has like 5 piles of crap on it and now she’s complaining because I have one pile! I will clean it when I want to. No need to tell me what to do whenever you think I’m not busy. It's not even lunchtime yet!


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