Friday, April 15, 2005

Okay so the evil witch is totally talking shit about me to the boss man and trying to sabotage me. I know my boss and I love him… he’s like the best boss ever. I swear. But now, the witch is telling him that I’m not following her “direction” cause check out this email I just got from him:

I realize that I may not have communicated this well enough in the past….but, from now on I need you to report directly and take direction from the evil witch on all aspects of your work. This will help streamline how the office works and allow you both to coordinate your activities and work closely. Thanks for you cooperation with this important issue.

She is totally gonna try to fuck me over like yesterday how I said she tried to get me to leave without doing what the boss man told me to do and then say I just left. Now, this is a prediction: he is gonna give me something important to do and then leave. She is going to tell me to do something else instead of what he told me to do. I’ll listen to her. He will come back and what he needed done won’t be done. She will tell him that I made the decision to do the other thing instead of what I was told to do. I will be in trouble.

The boss man called me about 20 minutes after I got it and I was trying to decide how to answer it. He said “Are you okay with my email?” and I said “It’s no problem” because I have to seem like I am up for any challenge and believe you me, working directly for the evil witch is certainly a challenge. He said something like “I think it’ll make everything work smoothly and I think you guys can work great together” and I said “Well, yes. I always try my best to assist everyone here.” And he said “I know that” and then I think I said “no problem” again and that was it.

You see, I don’t have a problem with my boss @ all and he knows I do my work but now he’s got this beotch yappin in his ear all of a sudden and telling him I’m not doing this and that. Meanwhile she's two hours late for work cause she has a "breakfast" thing and then takes an hour lunch but I can't go to the boss man and tell him that or I sound like a rat. While it's like her job to watch me like a hawk and make shit up about me.

God, I hate work these days. And it sucks cause I used to love it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to contact a white witch and fight fire with fire, seriously! There are spells and they don't cost much. Nothing nasty, just a protection spell for yourself. It works, trust me. Just ask around. I hear you, sweetie, you are not alone out there. I have worked with some wicked witches, too. Good luck!!

2:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't know about witchcraft but u definitely need to stay positive against this negative force. good luck... u'll need it.

7:32 AM  

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