Thursday, April 14, 2005

Oh my god, I hate the evil witch so much! I was supposed to get a raise today… a big raise. But the fucking witch did not process it correctly with paychex so I didn’t get my raise! She even mentioned it to me like two weeks ago saying “Oh and I understand that you are getting a substantial increase next paycheck... I’m sure it’s well deserved” Damn right it is beotch! That’s an extra 5 grand a year which is in addition to the 5 grand raise I got back during the holidays so I am thrilled only to find out that it wasn’t set up right. I even double checked with her yesterday and she said it was all cool but today we get the checks and of course, it’s not cool! So I told her to fix it ASAP since I am going on a trip in 10 days and will need that $$. She got right on it and hopefully will work it out. Geez I am so mad. She is totally ruining what is supposed to be a good day. I have never made this much and she is ruining it! Not fair.

PS- I learned something new: “increase” is the corporate word for “raise”.


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