Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I love my co-worker so much. She sent me this wonderful email this morning:

  • Aside from the promo packet that the boss needs today, the reimbursable invoices that I gave you yesterday should be ready for my review by around noontime.
  • Please be sure and add the staff’s cell phones to the contact directory in Outlook.
  • Since the maid isn’t coming today, please remember at the end of the day to take out all the garbage (including under everyone’s desk) and recycling. Also, please clean up the lid of the garbage can by the kitchen.

  • It’s so funny how I was already working on these things plus other things when she sent it to me. It's also so funny that she sent the following email last month saying that I wasn't the maid and yet she's requesting that I clean a fucking garbage can?!

    As a reminder, everyone is responsible to clean up after themselves. While my name here does many things around the office and wears many hats, the one thing she is not, is the maid.

    Fuck that... I'll buy a new one before I clean one!

    This was my reply:
    Thanks for the reminders but I’m already working on all of these things.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Why don't you print out her email and take it to the boss? Ask him if you are the maid or his assistant? If everyone is supposed to clean up after themselves, you are being singled out for dirty work! Im sorry, but you cannot allow her to demean you in this way!

    1:16 AM  

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