Friday, April 15, 2005

I cannot even express my annoyance with the evil witch. I mean, words cannot describe how irritating and petty she is.

Yesterday, I was about to leave when the meeting broke up. The boss asked me if I could just tidy up the conference room before I left and I was like “sure” of course. When the boss walks away and I am clearing the table, the evil witch waves her arms and says very quietly “It’s okay. You can go.” My first thought it “it’s not a big deal” and so I tell her that. I tidy up and then leave. I am on the subway home when I realize that she totally distracted me and made me forget to clean up the coffee section of the conference room. Then I have to really wonder if she is trying to set me up to fuck up.

Seriously, first she tells me to leave it but doesn’t say it loud enough for the boss to hear so he’d just think I’d walked out without doing what he asked and then she would have been like “oh my god, did she really leave without doing that?” cause I came in today and despite the fact that she DID tell me to go and saw what I cleaned up, she did not clean up the coffee section. Plus, she totally interrupted my train of thought and that is why I forgot the coffee section.

She is petty, because today she asked me to re-do some file folders so that they are on 1/5 tab instead of 1/3 tab and they all line up. Ill… okay that’s just sick. Who the fuck cares? You’re all about recycling so just use whatever the fuck file folders you already have instead of wasting them and my time. I just looked @ her with an are you serious? face and rolled my eyes with a “whatever”.

Now she is out getting breakfast for a freakin' hour! She had better not think she can take an hour lunch also.

Oh well, it's Friday and that means two whole days away from her as long as I get through today!


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