Monday, April 18, 2005

After I got that email from my boss on Friday I was a little freaked out but then he called me so that just shows that he actually cared how I took the email. I wasn’t all that worried after that. So, I decided to be up front and talk to my co-worker about some stuff. She approached me just when I was getting things together to leave and said she wanted to talk on Monday. Well, I didn’t want to think about the talk all weekend. That is such a mind game she is trying to play by trying to make me worry about it so I said “Well, do you want to just talk right now?” and we went to the conference room.

I said “I got an email from the boss man and I just wanted to make sure everything was cool. A lot of things have changed and I’m sure they’ll continue to change so please talk to me if you have any concerns.” She went on and on about how she pretty much just wants me to be the maid and the receptionist instead of being the assistant I have been for the past year and a half. Kinda like a demotion only I just got a huge raise so it’s pretty ironic. Whatever. Anyway, I decided to open up a little and see how things go (aka pretend to be cool with her) so I told her about how I’m having scheduling problems with a certain client because they don’t want to pay an administration fee for me to do scheduling so I have to pass it off to them and they are getting annoyed with me. Also, I talked about how it was not cool for her to just leave right before the meeting on Thursday. She blamed the rush before that meeting on me and my lack of pre-emptive planning. When I tried to explain to her that I didn’t plan anything because the boss didn’t mention that he needed anything ready for the meeting until a half an hour beforehand and that’s actually how it usually works around here, she proceeded to tell me I was still wrong.

In any case, nothing was solved and I still am in a shitty position. The truth is though that no one in this office has ever complained about me not assisting them to my fullest so if she keeps complaining to the boss about me he’s going to eventually think she’s crazy… @ least that’s what I hope. I am just so tired of talking about this whole “work protocol” and “office roles”. Seriously, if I never have to talk about these things again I will be a happy girl. The witch is just being a fucking woman. A bitchy, whiny, complaining woman who doesn’t know what to shut the fuck up.


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